Want Button Unveils New Channel Functionality Ahead of Holidays

Farmington Hills, MI (September 21, 2011) - Want announced today that they are releasing new functionality ahead of Black Friday to help merchants and improve the user experience.

Since the beginning of the year, the Want button has provided a universal wish list to shoppers that allows them to save products from anywhere on the web to a single, easily accessible place. Shoppers share their wanted products with friends and family and receive cash gifts toward their wanted items. "The Want button has always been a unique shopping experience for consumers because of its social nature. With so many unique products and merchant sites on Wanttt.com, shoppers can discover and purchase products they never knew existed and follow people with the same taste in products "said Greg Links, Want's Vice President of Sales. "But with the addition of Channels, both shoppers and merchants will have the ability to curate tailored product feeds where like-minded shoppers can discover, share, follow and purchase."

Furthermore, Links said "For retailers, the idea is pretty simple: they want to sell more products. Shoppers want relevance and value. The Want button helps both groups accomplish their goals, and the addition of Channels makes it easier than ever. Channels allow retailers to essentially have a remote storefront that serves as a traffic driver of engaged shoppers to their eCommerce site and shoppers to have the opportunity to follow Channels that have relevant products."

People who click the Want button are five times more likely to make a purchase than someone who does not. In addition, people who click the Want button have a 21% higher average order value. "Channels will help these numbers even further," said Alex Fenkell, one of Want's Co-founders. "As merchants and consumers create their own channels, more people within the Want community will follow, click through and purchase. It's a tremendous opportunity."

The idea of the Want button came about shortly after Facebook launched its "Like" button in 2010. "At the time, there was nothing really designed specifically for eCommerce and the products people wanted" said Eric Chesbrough, also a Want button Co-founder. "We were able to partner with some accomplished eCommerce veterans to help us realize the vision and provide the backing we needed. Today, we see validation of the concept all over the place and we are proud to have pioneered the Want button".

Want plans to release even more features, including a mobile app that targets the multi-channel retailer and shopper. "One of the challenges that multi-channel retailers face is connecting the dots between online and offline. Consumers no longer separate the two, and the new Want app will help bridge the gap for retailers. Stay tuned" says Chesbrough.

About Want:
Want is a highly social and interactive site that connects people with the products to which they have affinity. Whether it's keeping track of the products they want to buy or receiving personalized product recommendations from the people they find interesting, Want is designed to use an individual's specific tastes to build the ultimate consumer experience.