Record Setting 2012 Holiday Season for WANT Button

Farmington Hills, Michigan-based WANT Button announced today that retailers who added the button to their product detail pages in 2012 enjoyed measurable success during the Holiday season. �Our retail partners really were able to reap the full benefit of the WANT Button during the Holiday season� said Greg Links, VP of Business Development. The WANT Button is much more than another sharing option. It provides retailers with an opportunity to retarget their shoppers through email or Facebook Notifications and drive them back to their site to make a purchase. Companies that combined a coupon code with Facebook Notifications experienced a phenomenal 64% click-thru rate. �That�s traffic coming directly into product detail pages with high purchase intent� Links said. Purchase intent has always been notoriously difficult to measure, but the expression of the WANT Button is highly suggestive of intent on eCommerce sites. As a critical tool in a retailer�s retargeting kit, the WANT Button allows for personalized, one-to-one communication that is different, and more effective than banner ads or typical marketing campaigns. �What retailer wouldn�t want to directly target shoppers who visited their site, expressed purchase intent but never even opened a shopping cart? It�s not only all upside, it is crazy NOT to do it� Links said.

With the WANT button, there are no implementation charges and no ongoing monthly or annual fees. Retailers only pay an affiliate commission on actual sales generated through the WANT Button. Shoppers who clicked through on a retargeting campaign in December converted at 2.4%. Alex Fenkell, co-founder of the WANT Button, reflected on that number. �2.4% on a highly trafficked site is a big lift. Remember, these are shoppers that if not for the WANT Button, would have quietly gone away and likely not returned. For small retailers, every little bit helps and for large retailers, the numbers end up being significant.� With Mother�s Day, Father�s Day and gift-giving season right around the corner, retailers who add the WANT Button now won�t have to wait until December to cash in.